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Umbraco And eCommerce: The Link Within

umbracoA number of CMS products out there have an eCommerce platform to their name. Sitefinity, epiServer, Sitecore, Kentico, the list is a seemingly endless one. As a result, this is a question that many people very often ask, does Umbraco have an eCommerce platform too?


umbraco cmsTruth be told, there are many! In fact, four of them are well known and extremely popular among the community of Umbraco developers.

While the core Umbraco CMS product offers and sells official packages, there is nothing available with regards to an eCommerce package. Almost all of the products in this regard are offered by third party companies and developers as packages that easily integrate the Umbraco CMS system.

Among all Umbraco users, both old and new, the most well known is probably uCommerce.

The premier .NET eCommerce platform- uCommerce

ucommerceOf all the eCommerce packages currently available for Umbraco, uCommerce is probably the most matured one. It is also offered as a Sitecore add-on though its origin was totally from the womb of Umbraco.

uCommerce offers three different licenses: Free, Pro and Enterprise. The Pro license is available at around 2500 EUR a year with the Enterprise license being 4500 EUR annually. And Free, it does not go without saying, is definitely free.

Yes, it does seem a bit steep for a community that is so used to paying little for an awesome ecosystem and CMS. However, consider this to be a complete solution for your online business and this is merely a drop in the bucket.

uCommerce has a number of great features on offer for the developers such as multiple categories, variant pricing, related products, and inventory management. However, not all of them are available under either the Pro or Free licensed versions. Checking the feature comparison chart will provide the full list of features and the license under which it is offered.

uWebshop Umbraco eCommerce

uwebshopIt was during the last days of the Umbraco 4 CMS version that uWebshop first came into being. Immediately, it came to be regarded as an alternative solution to the use of uCommerce.

uWebshop has a domain based licensing model. The minimum price is 299 EUR and it goes up to a maximum of 1599 EUR along with complete support for a year. Support packages tend to be purchased separately while certification courses are also on offer.

Among the strong set of features available for this Umbraco-based eCommerce tool are promo and discount supports, unlimited variants and products, unlimited stores and categories, custom templates and layouts.

Expect simplicity from Tea Commerce

tea commerceFollowing on the footsteps of uCommerce and uWebshop came the release of Tea Commerce. Its claim to fame is fuelled by the numerous development APIs that are available to support almost every type of online solution that a business owner may want to have. .NET, XSLT, Razor, and JavaScript (jQuery) are some of the APIs that are available in this regard.

Some of its elegent features are multiple out-of-the-box payment providers, multipe languages, multiple brand stores, and segregation of states, region and country.

Although Tea Commerce seems a little more Euro-centric, it does not mean that it cannot be used for development of store fronts around the world. A little bit of duct tape and the framework will be up and running.

Freedom to sell with Merchello

marchelloMerchello is undoubtedly the hipster of all Umbraco eCommerce solutions. When I say hipster, I mean that it works in accordance with the latest trends which is undoubtedly a good thing. The world of the Internet is a rapidly changing one so the solutions should be updated accordingly. This should be done in order to keep up with the customers, their wants and all their needs.

Merchello is an active project at present and undergoing rapid development. Presently it is available as a version 1.3 which was released in the year 2013 during the month of December. It is also built to run completely under the latest and greatest version of Umbraco CMS, the version 7!

There is just one license available for Merchello which comes free of cost. Some of its features are multiple catalogs, multiple currencies, orders and invoicing, payment providers support, and shipping providers support, among others.

Umbraco is a CMS that is based on the Dot Net framework. If you are looking for integration of this CMS system into your business website, considering hiring Dot Net programmers and Umbraco developers from a reputed hire services company. These professionals have the required skills and expertise that will help in taking your business to the very top levels of success.

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