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WCF Developers

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), is a framework that is used for building and development of service-oriented applications. With the help of WCF, users can send data in the form of an asynchronous message from one end of a service point to another. A service endpoint may be part of a continuously available service that is hosted by IIS. It may also be a service that is hosted in an application. An endpoint may be a service or client that makes a request for data from some other endpoint. The message may be something as small and simple as a single word or character sent in the form of an XML document or a complex stream of binary data.

Features of WCF:

Some of the key features of using WCF as a development tool may be summarized as follows:

  • WCF facilitates the development of service-oriented applications
  • Enable multiple message patterns on every development platform with the use of WCF
  • It allows definition of both explicit as well as implicit data contracts
  • Confidentiality, Integrity, Authorization and Authentication are some of the efficient security options in WCF
  • This tool sustains the circulation of service metadata by means of formats such as WS policy, XML Schema and WSDL.

Advantages of hiring WCF developers with us:

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Some of the advantages that businesses get by working with us are as follows:

  • Our professional team has multiple years of experience in WCF development and design
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  • Our advanced infrastructure allows developers to implement any of their strategies
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