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Silverlight Experts

Silverlight is a product from Microsoft that serves the purpose similar to what is seen with Adobe Flash. Simply speaking, Silverlight is a new cross-platform, cross-browser implementation of the Silverlight Application Development framework for delivering and building next generation media experiences and Rich Interactive Applications designed exclusively for the web. Launched in a number of different versions, Silverlight has acquired the necessary power for changing the various Web functions.

Salient features of Silverlight:

Let us take a look at some of the unique features that make Silverlight one of the best application development frameworks to work with.

  • IIS Smooth Streaming enables a delivery of high definition streams for smooth playback on all devices that run Silverlight
  • PivotViewer allows easy interaction with massive amounts of Web-based data in a fun, informative and powerful manner.
  • SketchFlow is a revolutionary element that improves efficiency and speed and allows the vision for any application to be demonstrated
  • With the Skinning and Styling features creating graphics and using them controls customization is relatively easier than otherwise

Why hire our team of experts?

At Dotnet programmers, our team of Silverlight experts have successfully developed a number of applications using this development framework, all of them on a large-scale project. What is it that makes our service unique and a cut above the rest?

  • We have many years of experience in the work of Microsoft Silverlight development framework
  • Our Silverlight experts are strong with UX programming as well as design
  • We offer multiple engagement options for the clients
  • We use the very best tools and development process in our project management setup
  • Easy communication for clients with the development team through various means of modern communication services such as chat, messaging, Skype, etc.
  • We offer complete security for the IP address of our clients

We have served our clients well over the years and succeeded in building up a strong reputation for ourselves. Our flexible hiring makes us one of the most sought-after services while our nominal rates makes us one of the most reasonable names. We are also offering a one-time discount of 20% on our hire Silverlight experts services. Contact us today and give your business a unique development advantage.

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