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 Open Dotnet Developers

Mono is a popular open source development platform that is based on the .NET framework. It allows developers the freedom of building cross-platform and Linux applications while allowing them to improve significantly on their developer productivity. The .NET implementation associated with Mono is based on the conventional ECMA standards used in C# and the Common Language Infrastructure.

Feature highlights for Mono:

Some of the key features associated with Mono as well as some of the other open .NET CMS development frameworks may be highlighted as under:

  • Multi-platform: It runs on Microsoft Windows, BSD, OS X and Linux while also supporting x86-64, s390, PowerPC and ARM among others
  • Multi-language: It is developed in Oxygene, F#, Eiffel, Ruby, Python, Java and C sharp 4.0 among a host of other development languages
  • Binary compatibility: It implements C# and the Common Language Infrastructure defined by ECMA
  • Microsoft compatible API: It runs applications such as Windows.Forms, Silverlight, ADO.NET and ASP.NET without any need for recompilation
  • Most importantly, this open-source software is available free of cost

Open Dotnet Developers

Dotnet Programmers Advantage:

At Dotnet Programmers, we boast of an extensive experience in harnessing the flexibility and modular approach offered by this open-source platform for the creation of business solutions that truly offer the various aspects of scalability and portability while being tailored as per the individual requirements of our clients.

Some of the highlights of hiring Open Dot Net Developers with us are:

  • We offer our clients a friendly environment for doing business
  • Our prime focus is the delivery of quality service
  • Transparent business model
  • We deliver our projects on time
  • Our team of developers are highly skilled, talented and dedicated towards their job

So come, hire a team of Open Dot Net developers with us today and give your business an edge over your competitors. We are offering a 20% discount on our hiring services so make the most of the discount while it lasts. Contact us to get an estimate for your project.

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