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ASP.NET MVC or Model-Viewer-Controller is an excellent alternative framework that is used for the development of various web forms in ASP .NET. It aids in the development of scalable and dynamic web applications so as to allow better performance for any given website. Whether a personal app or web application for a business, MVC always has something extra to offer to the owners as opposed to many of the conventional ASP .NET projects.

ASP .NET MVC Programming Model:

MVC is one of the three popular programming models working on the ASP .NET framework. With this model, users are allowed to exercise complete control over JavaScript, CSS and HTML functions.

It typically defines all web applications based on three different layers:

  • Model logic (business layer)
  • View Logic (display layer) and
  • Controller Logic (Input control)

Model is referred to as the part of the application that handles all logic for development of application data. Model objects typically retrieve and store data from any given database.

View is that part of any given application that handles data display. Very often, this view is created from a model data.

Controller is that part of the application that caters to all user interactions. Controllers typically read data from a predefined view, control the user input and and provide the model with relevant input data.

Apart from simplifying group development procedures, MVC is also very effective in terms of allowing complex applications to be managed easily as developers can focus on one aspect of their work at a time. Testing an application is also easier with MVC.

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