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AJAX, a term coined from the transcript Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, is a form of Web programming that does away with the hourglass model of work. Design, content and data get merged together seamlessly into a single profile. When website visitors click on an application that is driven by AJAX, the lag time is very less. The page simply aims to display what the viewers are looking for. One great example is Google Maps that updates within the blink of an eye as users scroll around the pages.

AJAX website and web application development tool is a combination of the following aspects:

  • Presentations based on CSS and XHTML standards
  • Enhanced page interaction through DOM
  • Data interchange facilitated by XSLT and XML
  • XMLHttpRequest facilitates asynchronous data retrieval
  • Everything is tied together with JavaScript

Why hire  Us?

At Dotnet Programmers, we have worked on a number of projects with the AJAX development tool be it a simple, single page of plain text or some complex Internet based business application.

By hiring with us, you will be assured of giving your business the following AJAX-based solutions and benefits:

  • Continuous traffic monitoring when AJAX has to be implemented into the website
  • Customized development using AJAX by our expert programmers
  • Real time web portal and website renovation
  • Systematic approach towards the project by our programming team
  • Round-the-clock customer support to facilitate constant business expansion
  • Specialized client service with regards to program and application development

Dotnet Programmers is a hiring service where you can hire AJAX experts at the most nominal rate. At present we are also offering a 20% discount to clients hiring with us on the net payable bill amount. Contact us with your business requirements and help us to build a customized solution for you with our expert team of AJAX programmers and developers.

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