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VB Dotnet Programmers

Visual Basic .NET, more commonly known as VB.NET, is an object-oriented language used for computer programming. It has been implemented on the .NET framework. Although primarily an evolution and upgrade over the classic programming language Visual Basic, it does not offer backward-compatibility with VB6. Also, any form of code that is written in the old version is not compilable under the VB.NET framework.

As is the case with all other .NET languages, VB offers complete support over all object-oriented concepts. All components of VB.NET is an object and that includes the user-defined as well as primitive datatypes, events as well as assemblies. It is implemented by the Microsoft .NET framework.

Salient features:

VB.NET possesses a number of potentially strong and positive programming features. This is the reason that this framework has become endearing to a multitude of programmers all around the world.

Some of the features that are worth highlighting are as follows:

  • Boolean conditions
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Standard library
  • Assembly versioning
  • Events and properties
  • Management of events and delegates
  • Conditional compilation
  • Simple multi threading functions

VB Dotnet Programmers

We offer you some benefits:

At Dotnet Programmers, our experienced and dedicated team has a well proven and proud history of delivering successful projects for the clients. We work with all the latest VB.NET framework versions while our expertise ensures that we can handle any older version as well if such is your requirement.

The advantages we offer our clients are as follows:

  • Qualitative work done by competent, experienced and skilled team of programmers to enhance the level of customer satisfaction and user-experience.
  • We are adept at helping you with complex business solutions within the stipulated time frame so as to suit the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Flexible hiring service to meet the specific requirements of our clients.
  • Efficient daily reporting on the progress being made by the project
  • Skilled and competent Project Manager to permit efficient coordination

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