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Silverlight Programmers

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful development tool that is used in the creation of interactive and engaging user experiences for all mobile and Web applications. It is powered by the .NET Framework and available in the form of a free plug-in tool. Silverlight is compatible with a number of operating systems, devices and browsers, and brings in a new level of interactivity in all places where the Web has its reach.

Key features:

Let us take a look at some of the salient features that makes Microsoft Silverlight one of the most sought after development tools in the market.

  • IIS Smooth Streaming enables the delivery of high definition streams that have a smooth playback on all devices that run on Silverlight.
  • PivotViewer provides easy interaction with a massive amount of data all across the Website
  • SketchFlow is a revolutionary feature that speeds up and improves the efficiency with which the vision for an application is demonstrated.
  • Silverlight Deep Zoom is a smooth and fast zooming technology on the Web that provides the highest frame rates and resolution for images.
  • With the Skinning and Styling features, Silverlight makes it easy for graphic creation and subsequently uses them for customization of controls.

Silverlight Programmers

Our benefits:

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Some of the benefits we provide our clients through a dedicated and experienced programming team and highly reputable service are as follows:

  • Proficient development aided by an experienced team boasting high-end skills
  • Round-the-clock technical support for clients through numerous modern means of communication
  • Cost-effective business solutions
  • Low cost of service, no compromisation of quality
  • Regular update of progress report to allow continuous assessment for our clients
  • Clients are granted complete access to the source code

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