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MVC Programmers

MVC is one of the three popular programming models that have been designed by ASP .NET. It is a framework for building web applications based on the MVC (Model View Controller) design.

The MVC programming model is effectively divided into three different logic layers:

  • Model Logic (business layer)
  • View logic (display layer) and
  • Controller logic (for input control).

The Model is a representation of the application core, View is needed for the display of data and Controller caters to the needs of the input function. With the MVC model, programmers can also exercise complete control over JavaScript, CSS and HTML functions.

MVC Programmers

Benefits of using MVC .NET in programming:

There are a number of plus points to using ASP .NET MVC for application design and development projects.

Some of its major advantages may be given as under:

  • Exercise complete control over the rendered HTML scenario. There are also provisions for a separation of concerns based on a transparent model.
  • The provision of test driven development is a major advantage
  • It is easy to integrate the applications with a number of other scripting frameworks such as JavaScript.
  • Non-complex nature of application thanks to absence of Postback and ViewState designs.

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