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 Dynamics CRM Programmers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to offer programmers a number of programming paradigms. These paradigms have been designed to give the programming and coding professionals the much needed flexibility for deciding the various features that best suit their needs. Microsoft has gone on to include an early-bound entity data model containing a layer for object services. This layer is capable of integrating with the stack while exposing the entity values as objects of the Dotnet framework. The late-bound scenario is another possible inclusion that programmers can make.

What can you do with the MS Dynamics CRM paradigms?

The various Microsoft Dynamics CRM programming paradigms can be put to use for the following applications:

  • Early-bound: Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes use of certain technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation Data Services and entity data model to provide programmers a new set of tools. These tools are capable of simplifying the development process of all Internet-enabled applications that have an interaction with the Dynamics CRM software. An additional programming paradigm is also enabled in an organization services context.
  • Late-bound: With this programming paradigm, programmers can write code that accesses entities that have not yet been defined. This paradigm makes provisions for the programmers to write a very generic code in a way that the use of a certain type of entity is not required.
  • REST: REST is an endpoint for Microsoft Silverlight and AJAX clients, providing an alternate interface that can be worked with for data available in the Dynamics CRM. Rather than invoke the SOAP-based web services directly, the requests are executed using a service based on a particular URI.
  • WSDL: This is a programming paradigm that allows the development of code from all non dotnet clients. It is not dependent on the use of assemblies available in the MS Dynamics CRM libraries.

Dynamics CRM programmers

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