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C Sharp Programmers

C#, or commonly referred to as C Sharp, is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses such features as component-oriented, class-based object-oriented, generic, functional, declarative, imperative and strong-typing disciplines of programming. Initially developed within the .NET initiative of Microsoft, it was later approved by ECMA and ISO as usable standards. This is one of the programming languages that have been designed for the Common Language Infrastructure. It has been developed with the intention of making it an object-oriented, general-purpose, modern and simple programming language. C# 5.0 is the latest version to be released in the month of August, 2012.

Benefits of C# as a programming language:

The use of C sharp over all other programming languages offers the programmers a distinct advantage.

Some of these may be highlighted as follows:

  • Speed: A code written using the C# language is capable of executing much faster as compared to one that has been written using VB .NET. Thus the applications can perform much faster than otherwise. Moreover, C# has the capability of working with the various datatypes that have not been assigned.
  • Restrictive features: C# has numerous restrictive features that prevent the programmers from accidentally including untyped methods, variables or undeclared variables. This is a common occurrence with a number of other programming languages.
  • Compatible with Microsoft: Thanks to its immense flexibility and innovative features, C# has emerged as the preferred programming language for Microsoft.
  • Works on numerous compiler platforms: Various popular OS platforms such as Mac, Linux, Windows and Solaris consists of compilers for the C# programming language.

C Sharp programmers

Our services:

At Dotnet Programmers, we offer a number of services to our clients with regards to C# programming.

Some of our specialised services may be given as follows:

  • Write out custom C# softwares as per the needs of our clients
  • Customization of off the shelf C# softwares
  • Testing and finding of errors for your C# code
  • Run performance check for your code to ensure maximum efficiency

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