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Ajax Programmers

More than just a programming language or tool, AJAX is essentially a concept. It is referred to as a client-side script capable of communicating to and from a database or server without the requirements for a complete page refresh or a post back. AJAX is best defined as the method of exchanging data with a server and updating certain parts of a webpage without requiring to reload the entire page. It is mostly a generic term applicable for different JavaScript techniques used for connecting dynamic web servers without loading multiple pages.

What makes AJAX Development different?

AJAX has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages in the world and the various reasons that sets it apart from some of its contemporaries are as follows:

  • AJAX helps in reducing the interaction time on the web. This is possible thanks to the introduction of an intermediary known as the AJAX engine that links the server and the user. The browser loads a search engine that is saved in a hidden frame and features JavaScript coding.
  • AJAX engine allows an asynchronous interaction with the application without impacting the server communication in any way.
  • It features excellent adaptability to the various server-side languages such as Perl, PHP, ColdFusion and ASP. This is an excellent resource for the web spiders who are experts at scanning all the functionalities on the server-side of a program code.

Ajax Programmers

Why hire AJAX programmers with us?

At Dotnet Programmers, we allow our clients the flexibility of hiring dedicated programmers as per their business requirements. You can hire our expert talent either on a monthly basis or an hourly basis or for some specific project. We can offer you solutions on a number of AJAX technologies such as Dojo, XSLT, jQuery/JSON and RAD Ajax among others.

Some of the benefits you get by hiring from us are as follows:

  • Continuous traffic monitoring every time AJAX has to be implemented on any client website
  • Customized development of AJAX applications by the most experienced professionals
  • Renovation of portals and Websites in real time development
  • Continuous expansion of your business through online support
  • Quality-assured product development
  • Incredibly low costs of service
  • Proven and unmatched team of experienced professionals

Hire a team of AJAX Developers with us today and give your business an edge over your competitors. We are offering a 20% discount on our hiring services so save a significant sum of money by hiring with us while giving your business the best solution it could have asked for.

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