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Dot Net Framework Is A Splendid Solution For Website Development

Regarded as a revolutionary technology, Dot Net has immensely helped businesses in dealing with accelerated and dynamic website requirements in tune with the modern business scenario. Microsoft Dot Net applications are widely used in the creaion of a flexible and robust website.

dotnet programmersDot Net technology has resulted in a significant amount of paradigm shift as far as the development industry is concerned. This has given developers the capability to build highly-scalable and reusable functionalities that are available across all networks irrespective of their development platform. Software developers can quickly and very easily reuse, rearrange and integrate this framework with highly successive solutions. This reduces the time and effort they require for marketing and successfully delivering the project to their clients.


Top four programming languages associated with the Dot Net development framework


asp.netRegarded as a part of the Dot Net framework, ASP .NET allows easy access into the core framework classes. It provides a unique facility wherein programmers can write a code in any language that is compatible with the Common Language Runtime (CLR), the likes of C# and Microsoft Visual Basic included in the ranks. Inheritance, type safety, and CLR are among some of the features that offer significant benefit to the professionals with regards to ASP .NET development.

Visual Basic Dot Net


VB .netVisual Basic Dot Net has come into being as a powerful and highly modern programming language. It makes use of the true concepts of Object-Oriented programming such as abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, overloading and inheritance. A robust language, it includes such features as fixed variable declaration types, variable initialization at the time of declaration, and strict type checking. Visual Basic Dot Net is relatively easy to use and learn. Applications made using this framework are built on the service advantages offered by CLR. It also makes most of the various features on offer from the Dot Net framework in general.

Visual C# Dot Net

C#.netDevelopment using Visual C# makes use of the services on offer from CLR while earning maximum benefits out of the Dot Net framework. A simple, elegant and object-oriented programming language, it has been developed by Microsoft for building distinct applications. C# simplifies the complex aspects of C++ and C such as structured exception handling, enumerations, overloading, namespaces and classes.

Visual C++ Dot Net

Visual C++Visual C++ Dot Net has been dubbed by Microsoft as the future of the Visual C++ language. This has forever been regarded as the best language for developing web applications as well as applications for the Microsoft Windows OS platform. It offers a number of important libraries such as Active Template Library, ATL Server Library, and Microsoft Foundation Classes.

Active Template Libraries are a set of templates that are based on the C++ classes for various Com objects. ATL Server Libraries are native C++ classes used in the creation of Web Services, Web Applications and a number of other similar server applications. Finally, the Microsoft Foundation Classes are a set of classes that support any application that has been written specifically for the Windows API.

Development using the Microsoft Dot Net framework offers an uncomplicated, ordered and compatible programming structure. With the help of this users can find applications for complicated as well as easy website structures. Dot Net allows you to avail benefits such as dynamic and creative layer characteristics that have already been coded, reusability of code and the use of numerous distinct programming languages.

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