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8 Effective Tips For Optimization of Your C# Program Code

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Take into account any application and one of its crucial aspects will be the optimization of code. It is highly important in every regard of product development. If you are a good professional programmer, this is something you must consider. Here in this post, we will focus on the tips to help you optimize your program code written in the C# programming language.

But first, let us understand the basics of code optimization..

code optimization In terms of programming and computers, optimization is a process where you modify a system and improve its efficiency or performance. The system can either be the Internet, a network of computers, or a single computer program. With good code optimization, you can make the program run faster and with the use of fewer hardware resources. It is also easier to maintain and debug the code.

When it comes to computer programming, code optimization is achieved by a transformation of the code that helps in improving its performance (minimum resource utilization, code size, and code execution time, to name a few). Such a transformation may be achieved either at the low level or at a high level.

Here are the tips to follow for those who wish to optimize their C# program code:

  • If you are working with an expensive operator, replace it with a cheap one. To put it in simpler terms, reduce the strength of the operation. For example, you can replace the x^2 part of your code as x*x.
  • Eliminate dead code elements from your source code. Dead code elements are usually of two types: part of the code that cannot be reached and variables whose values remain unused.
  • White space is usually required for better organization and understanding of code by the developers. This is of little significance to the website visitors since they do not have the authority to modify them. White spaces should be carefully removed without producing any side effect on the site page. It usually involves elimination of comments, new lines, tabs, and superfluous spaces, and results in reduction of size of code and requirements of space.
  • The source code should not have any comments because it leads to a significant increase in the download time. Aside from the META keywords tag that was once widely used, most other form of similar information is no more than glorified commenting. Information such as the META “generated” tag is nothing short of being useless and reveals unnecessary amount of information. Is their any justification in announcing to the world that your web page was created using FrontPage?
  • Minimize the variable names and long functions. They should be clearly defined, as is evident in good programming practices. Avoid names that are too lengthy. The source code of the web site is of no importance to the visitors, that is something the developers need to worry about. You should give a name that is as small and meaningful as possible. Gn_ChannelMenu means the same as hj to the browser, so as long as you are able to keep track of your work, use small variable names to save on time and effort.
  • Do you have a line of code that reads something like: x=x+1. Well, why not change it to x++? Both lines of code will accomplish the same purpose but with the second one, you will get the job done with the use of a couple of less characters.
  • Although variable declaration is not compulsory, there are a couple of reasons why it is best that you declare the variable. Declaring a variable allows performance to be increased since an undeclared variable usually requires greater processing time. Moreover, when the variables are declared, any form of unwanted misuse can be easily avoided.
  • If an application has similar or identical code blocks, these may be converted into functions or sub-modules. The subs or functions are capable of taking parameters so it is of little concern whether the code blocks do similar things. Moreover, it becomes easier to edit the code in case of changes; rather than modify the code for every parameter, you simply need to alter one sub or function as is necessary.

C# programming has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years thanks to its efficiency in developing highly useful applications. Our C sharp programmers have many years’ experience in the industry and can help you with your requirements.

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