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6 Best Android Apps For Your Kids

Smartphone games and apps are an excellent means of keeping not only you but also your kids entertained. These feature a number of fun and interactive games and educational activities. You can also consider installing parental monitors and custom sanbox apps with which you can ensure that your phone does not get misused or settings tampered with in any way (or simply to check that when you say lights-out, it actually is lights-out in the room).

The Android market is teeming with thousands of apps so coming across one of real good quality can prove to be a really tedious and frustrating process. The Education segment alone features as many as 3000 free apps waiting for your approval of download.

So we have decided to dig deep and come up with six of the best Android apps for kids that will really help in their education and learning process.

1. AniWorld Lite


An excellent app meant for the kids in the age bracket of one to five, AniWorld Lite teaches kids the names of various animals. It also gives them a chance to pet and feed these virtual animals. While the app cannot be considered as anything more than pretty basic, it is the unique “Hey, pet me” feature of AniWorld Lite that is likely to give you and your kids the maximum level of enjoyment.


2. LEGO Duplo Train

trainsThe Duplo Train app from LEGO allows your toddler to build and drive their very own toy train. This is a wonderfully animated app that has a whole host of activities for little kids. Your child will take up the role of the rail engineer by choosing the carts they wish to bring along. There are also simple mini-games for them to play while they wait for the train to complete the journey. This well-crafted app features numerous little details and beautiful animations of animals and plants roaming in the landscape. Tapping them will create some sounds and actions.


3. HomeWork

HomeWorkRather than be a fun app, this HomeWork app is aimed to be of great help and assistance for the older kids. With the use of this free app, kids can schedule their lessons and homework plans, arrange for reminders, plan their revision for examinations, and, overall, effectively manage their time. This Android app is best suited for use on a tablet where it supports both screen angles. The HomeWork app is an extremely intuitive one to use.



4.Ant Smasher

Ant SmasherThe Ant Smasher app is available for free and best suited for the kids who have a murderous intent in life. Use your fingers to smash the ants, avoid smashing the bees and try not to end up dead! It may sound easy but it is far from being so. Ant Smasher gives some addictive fun for the kids aged four and above and is the perfect solution for improving their reflexes.


5. Kids Place

Kids PlaceA custom app launcher, Kids Place creates a sandbox environment where your kids can have all the fun that they want, surrounded by the apps that you feel is right for their age. Apart from giving you full control over specifying the apps, it prevents any form of in-app purchases and blocks new apps from being installed. With the use of a timer feature you can limit the amount of usage since the app will lock on its own after a specified time period. The multiple profile support feature allows parents to set up different custom environments for the different users. Making changes to the settings as well as exiting the app is blocked by a PIN security.


6. 0-10 Numbers

0-10 NumbersThis app is all about an overachieving baby having fun with the numbers. Considering what it does the app is an excellent choice. With careful enunciation, anthropomorphised characters, and bright colours, here is a learning resource that works great for the kids in the age bracket of two and four years old.



While there are a whole host of apps in the Google Play Store catering to the education of kids and young children, we feel that these are the best Android apps for kids. Download and enjoy, and help in the rapid growth and development of your kids! Think there is one we have missed out? Leave a comment and let us know.

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