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5 Halloween Apps Guaranteed To Have You Geared Up For October 31

Halloween againEver since the Easter season came (and went) we have all been eagerly waiting for this holiday that is now almost upon us. Halloween is the season of Jack-o-Lanterns, Haunted Houses, Candies, and Costumes, and chances are you are not even prepared for it! However, you need not worry- there is still enough time to buy yourself some candy, find a costume, carve a pumpkin, and hang up some fake spider webs around your home. The spooky fun does not start until next Friday, in any case!

The one thing that you probably do not have any time to think about (yes, we understand you are very much preoccupied with thousands of other things) is the various Halloween-themed apps. Have no fear for we have saved you some trouble. Here is a list of the coolest, most helpful, and most interesting apps that should help to make your All Hallow’s Eve a moment to remember.

Track n Treat

Track n TreatWould you like to keep track of your kids (or your partying friends, for that matter) on the festival of Halloween and not have to face the hassle of following them around? Just get everyone to download the Track n Treat app on their mobile devices and you will be able to tell where everyone is all through the night! Set up a network, enable location sharing, and you will be good to go with your Halloween celebrations!

Available on: iTunes Store for iOS platforms
Free download from https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/track-n-treat/id721935982


ZombifyEver thought what you would look like if you were presented as an extra on the sets of The Walking Dead? If you do not see yourself as a costume make-up expert, this kind of curiousity becomes pretty hard to satisfy. However, don’t offer yourself up as a snack for the undead just as yet: try out the Zombify app first. Take a picture of yourself (yes, a selfie will do), help the software locate where your mouth and eyes are, and you will immediately be given a snarling, decrepit version of yourself, complete with empty eye sockets and rotting teeth. You can then look to play around with various features, filters, and props, and also have the picture saved up for posterity. While you are busy doing all this, check out the Vampify and Wolfify apps as well for some more fun.

Available on: iTune Store for iOS platform
Free download from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zombify-me/id464086469


Carve-A-PumpkinYou have grown into the habit of carving the same Jack-o-Lantern face year after year and coming up with a change is something you are scared of. We understand, making a change to your design often represents a daunting task- what if it ends up looking stupid, or doesn’t fit in correctly, or you simply end up creating a mess of the whole thing!

Luckily, this year (and hopefully for many more years to come) you will have an app to help you design the perfect jack-o-lantern before you have even picked out the perfect canvas to get started with. Brought to you by the developers Parent’s Magazine, Carve-A-Pumpkin gives you the option of choosing from five different pumpkin types, eighteen different eye shapes, seven shapes of nose, and fifteen different shapes of the mouth. Size and place them on the virtual pumpkin and save a picture for use as reference.

If you are more ambitious, you have the option of freehand carving. The only downside is that you can access this app only if you are using an Apple product. Pumpkin Carver is your option for getting a similar experience on the Android platform.

Available on: iTunes Store for iOS platforms
Free download from https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/carve-pumpkin-from-parents/id394900607

Ghost Radar

Ghost RadarFor many years you have been hearing people joke about that old house at the end of your street and how it is supposed to be haunted. Sure, you take it as a joke- after all there is no such thing as ghosts! But wait, what if there is an element of truth about it? Calling the Ghost Hunters in to solve the issue on Halloween won’t be such a good idea, would it? Before taking some drastic measures, download this Ghost Radar app that is available on both the Google Play and iTune stores.

As per the official description, this app is fitted with a number of sensors that help to detect paranormal activity. The app serves to analyze these readings and sends you a notification when interesting patterns start emerging. Also, it lets you know when interesting words get detected.

You may not be someone who believes in ghosts (or for that matter in some kind of mobile app technology that is capable of detecting EMS signals). But why not try it on a friend who believes in the unknown! See what results the app produces. Or take it out to a house that has had a long-standing reputation of being haunted and see what Ghost Radar shows up on its radar!

Available on: iTunes Store and Google Play store for iOS and Android respectively
Free download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spudpickles.grc Andriod and https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/ghost-radar-classic/id368470785?mt=8


Scary Sounds

Scary SoundsConvince those skeptical friends of yours that the ghosts your Ghost Radar app picked up actually exist. A variety of Halloween-themed, spooky sound effects will go a long way towards providing a solution! Scary Sounds lets you choose from over forty different options, including the likes of “Breathing”, “Wolves”, and “Casket.”

This app has every type of spooky sound that you could possibly want to play on Halloween and is sorted out neatly into eight categories: Unnatural, Screams and Roars, Mood, Medieval, Human, Elemental, Dead and Undead, and Animals. Connect your phone to a speaker, have the “Poltergeist” effect secretly turned on, and brace yourself to get some horror-flick reactions.

Available on: iTunes Store and Google Play store for iOS and Android respectively
Free download from
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pantherapps.scarysoundshd and https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/scary-sounds/id308256995(Android)

Do you think these apps are not enough for giving an outright scare to your friends? Would you like to have something a little more spooky to spice up your Halloween? Then hurry, get your new app developed with us soon. Get in touch with your requirements and we will have the product ready and up on the app stores before the spooky season comes around!

And to all others, watch out for those goosebumps!

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